Installation instructions

Morfessor 2.0 is installed using setuptools library for Python. Morfessor can be installed from the packages available on the Morpho project homepage and the Morfessor Github page, or can be directly installed from the Python Package Index (PyPI).

The Morfessor packages are created using the current Python packaging standards, as described on Morfessor packages are fully compatible with, and recommended to run in, virtual environments as described on

Installation from tarball or zip file

The Morfessor 2.0 tarball and zip files can be downloaded from the Morpho project homepage (latest stable version) or from the Morfessor Github page (all versions).

The tarball can be installed in two different ways. The first is to unpack the tarball or zip file and run:

python install

A second method is to use the tool pip on the tarball or zip file directly:

pip install morfessor-VERSION.tar.gz

Installation from PyPI

Morfessor 2.0 is also distributed through the Python Package Index (PyPI). This means that tools like pip and easy_install can automatically download and install the latest version of Morfessor.

Simply type:

pip install morfessor


easy_install morfessor

To install the morfessor library and tools.